Strengthening the immune system

Strengthening the immune system according to Dr. med. Heinz Lüscher

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Immune schemes Explainer videos

Therapy schemes for four different immune situations

Strengthen immune system

With these simple measures you can strengthen your immune system preventively. This way, you will be better equipped in the event of an infection.

Support for acute infections

This way, you can give your immune system a helping hand in the event of a viral or bacterial infection.

Improvement at Long Covid

Long Covid can be a heavy burden for sufferers. With these tips, you will at least achieve an improvement in most cases.

Unwanted excipients

Not all medical measures are harmless. If there is a suspicion Not all medical measures are harmless. If there are side effects, you can consider the following options.


“Our whole family has been taking vitamin D3 for two years and we’ve never really been sick again!”

“As is often the case, a flu sneaked up on me this winter, which was swept away with Artemisia capsules. Really super how this herb strengthens the immune system and helps you get over the rounds!”

“I picked up Covid in the summer with aching limbs, a mild cough and loss of sense of smell. After 24 hours with Artemisia, I felt noticeably better, and after a few days, it was all gone.”

“I used to have sore throats and sore swallows 2-3 times every winter. I thought this was normal and just part of being in a city because of the particulate pollution! Since I take enough vitamin D, this never happened again.”

“I was suffering from Corona and felt quite ill. Someone recommended that I take Artemisia right away. I quickly felt better.”

“Since I started taking Artemisia, colds have become a thing of the past.”

“Artemisia is super against coronavirus. I highly recommend it.”

How do we support the immune system?

With these 5 vital substances you can support and strengthen your immune system significantly: vitamin D, omega-3, magnesium, zinc and vitamin C.

  • Vitamin D: For Heinz Lüscher, MD, belongs to the absolute basic supply and is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. Studies show the paramount importance of vitamin D when it comes to preventing infections.
  • Omega-3: Also an absolute must when it comes to the immune system. Omega-3 fatty acids have a positive effect on acute inflammation and help prevent chronic inflammation. They are also good for the heart and circulation and keep blood vessels elastic and supple.
  • Magnesium is involved in over 800 chemical reactions in the body as a catalyst and is an absolute key mineral. Accordingly, it is also important for the immune system.
  • Zinc is often used as an adjunct for infections of all kinds, such as flu-like infections, but also gastrointestinal infections. Because the trace element has an antiviral effect and noticeably increases the immune functions.
  • Vitamin C supports the functions of various defense cells of the innate and acquired immune system. For example, it helps neutrophils to move in the direction of the invaders to be fought. Further, it promotes the activity of phagocytes (macrophages). Finally, it is essential for the formation and maturation of lymphocytes (B and T cells).

Many encouraging feedbacks

With this immunotherapy, many people have already been helped by strengthening their immune system and providing preventive support. If, nevertheless, a viral or bacterial infection has already occurred, the procedure is different again. For those affected by Long Covid, at least an improvement can be achieved with a third treatment or therapy regimen. Finally, if there is a suspicion of consequential damage or undesirable adjuvants after a medical treatment, a support of the body can be useful and necessary.

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Support of the immune system explained in an understandable way

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